Steve Harvey: Why Won’t He Commit? Online Dating Safety Advice


Steve Harvey August 20 2013

How far into a relationship do you expect someone to propose? That’s a question that is sure to come up for viewers of Steve Harvey’s August 20 episode, in which he counsels a couple who have been together 13 years…why won’t he put a ring on it already? Plus, get the guide to online dating safety that will help you beat the odds. That’s all coming up on Steve’s Tuesday episode.

Steve Harvey: Why Won’t He Commit?

Steve Harvey: Why Won't He Commit? Online Dating Safety Advice

Steve Harvey is revealing his best advice for online dating safety, so you don’t break more than your heart.


How long is too long to wait for a proposal? That’s what one woman wants to know, and Steve Harvey is helping her get to the bottom of why her man has yet to pop the question. At what point would you just assume that things are not going to change from the way they already are?

I guess being together and not getting married only works if it’s what both of you want to do. But if it is important to one of you that you go through the ceremony and everything that goes along, it may be worth the investment in someone you already care a lot about and want to spend your life with.

Tune in to Steve Harvey on August 20 for more dating advice on this topic.


Steve Harvey: Online Dating Safety Advice

Online dating continues to grow in popularity, and you can find a site for almost anyone with any interest. But what else do you need to know before you plunge directly into the online dating pool? Steve is navigating the Internet to help you avoid common online dating safety mistakes.

My advice for online dating is not to give away too much information. There are a lot of scam artists out there, so don’t loan anyone money or share financial details, such as bank account numbers or credit cards info.

The same thing goes for safety. My advice would be to avoid giving out your exact address, and make sure you meet for the first time in a public place. That way you have the ability to escape the situation if something turns out to be amiss. See what Steve Harvey has to say on August 20.


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