Steve Harvey: Who Invented The Blooming Onion & Disconnected Dad


Steve Harvey August 19 2013

Don’t miss a great look back at Steve Harvey’s show on August 19. He is showing a disconnected dad the error of his ways. Plus, an amazing inventor shows how he struck it rich with something you probably have in your kitchen. Give up? He invented the Blooming Onion! Here are the stories ahead on Steve Harvey’s Monday show.

Steve Harvey: Disconnected Dad Bucket List

Steve Harvey: Who Invented The Blooming Onion & Disconnected Dad

Steve Harvey met the inventor of the Blooming Onion on his August 16 2013 show, which also featured a bucket list for a disconnected dad and his daughters.


Do you have a workaholic parent whom you never see? You are not alone, and daughters complained about their dad’s habit to Steve Harvey. Then the man became convinced to take a day off and spend it having the time of his life with his kids.

You will have to watch the show to see what this family did together, but it was a day they will never forget, and it is coming up on Steve Harvey August 19. Parents, watch for ideas that will help you solidify your relationship with your kids before the summer is over!

Steve Harvey TV Show: Who Invented The Blooming Onion?

How did one man turn an onion into a fortune? He created the Blooming Onion, which you might recognize from Outback Steakhouse. Tune in for the August 19 show to meet the man who created this classic appetizer that is now available almost everywhere.


Can you imagine coming up with a food product so simple that leads to success you never could have imagined? It just goes to show you that life is unpredictable. Maybe playing the lottery is not the only way to strike it rich after all.

Steve Harvey: Games Men Play

Three women are also turning to Steve for critical dating advice. Don’t miss this episode when these ladies learn the Games Men Play and how to avoid being taken for a ride. That’s coming up on the August 19 episode of Steve Harvey. This show will also include advice on how to ask questions to get to the answers you are looking for.

Finally, the show will conclude with a taste test that may surprise you. Would you put that in your mouth? Tune in August 19 to see what it is.


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