Steve Harvey Tyler Perry Temptation & Harvey’s Hero Inspired By Father


Steve Harvey: Tyler Perry

On April 5 2013, Steve Harvey wraps up the week with one funny man. Tyler Perry, the creator of Madea, talks to Steve about his new film and giving gifts to Oprah. One of Steve’s audience members goes head to head with Perry to see who knows his films better. Then, Steve names another “Harvey’s Hero” that was inspired by his late father. Also, three women get a makeover and kids find creative ways to respond to homework.

Steve Harvey: Tyler Perry Temptation 

Steve Harvey Tyler Perry Temptation & Harvey's Hero Inspired By Father

On April 5 2013, Tyler Perry tells Steve Harvey about giving his friend Oprah gifts. (s_bukley /


Tyler Perry is a comedy king. His character Madea has sparked fans of all generations and races, uniting people under the love of comedy. While the Nutty Professor series tried to do the one actor many characters idea, Perry has perfected it. He doesn’t play too many characters and has realistic makeup. Even my grandmother loves Madea.

On April 5, Perry goes head-to-head with a fan from Steve’s audience. How well does he know his movies? This fan says they know the movies better than the creator. After the competition, Steve hears about Perry’s newest film, Temptation. Look out for a cameo from Kim Kardashian!

Steve Harvey: Harvey’s Hero

In this episode Steve names another “Harvey’s Hero.” A young man was inspired to take a step back from his work life and embrace a life of service to others. Hear how he was inspired by his father on April 5.


Steve Harvey: Spring Makeovers By Zara

Inspired by the pop of color of spring, Steve is giving three women a fresh look. From yoga pants to blazers, these women are coming out of their shells in full bloom. All of the looks are by Zara and each piece runs under $100 and could be mixed and matched.

I’m torn between the professional and pink look and the bright yellow 70’s inspired dress.


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