Steve Harvey: Twilight Birthday Cake & Shopaholic Husband On a Budget


Steve Harvey: Weird Cakes & Overspending Husband

On April 15 2013, Steve Harvey helps a shopaholic husband who can’t control his spending. His wife is tired of spending the family budget on designer duds and colognes. Then, Steve chows down on edible insects. Blech! Also, a teen who cried out for help on social media got a massive outcry of support from people around the world. Steve explains how to spot depression in teens. Plus, get a look at some hilarious cakes with weird messages.

Steve Harvey: Shopaholic Husband

Steve Harvey: Twilight Birthday Cake & Shopaholic Husband On a Budget

On April 15 2013, Steve coaches a male shopaholic in planning a budget and the essentials.


On this episode, a shopaholic man gets help on his spending and reigning in his budget. The only male shopaholic I’ve ever seen is Scott Disick, and even he has a line he doesn’t cross. Maybe. What is the point to this husband’s crazy splurges? He has a weakness for new shirts, ties, shoes and designer accessories.

When it comes to the family budget, his wife is stressed. Her husband’s spending has them in the hole and she needs Steve to help them dig out. Can it be done, or should they take out another credit card?

Steve Harvey: Edible Insects

Insects are supposed to be a good source of protein and nutrients, but who really wants to nom on an exoskeleton? On April 15, Steve gets squeamish when his staff wants him to nosh on some edible insects. Bees, centipedes, cicadas, oh my!


Steve Harvey: Cry For Help On Social Media

This is a cool story. A teen was depressed and social media actually saved his life. He posted a message about his desperation and people from around the world encouraged him to buck up. We’re so used to hearing stories of cyber bullying pushing kids over the edge. Communities like Tumblr are becoming a great place for people to express their real feelings and get support.

Steve Harvey: Weird Cakes

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on a cake? If you Google image search “weird cakes” you come across a treasure trove of awkward, disgusting and creative cakes. Someone put the Old Spice man on a cake, “Happy Birthday, I’m On a Cake.”

My favorite was a Twilight-themed cake. “I know what you are. You’re pale white and ice cold…” “Say it.” “Ice cream cake!”

Steve brings you even stranger cakes on April 15.


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