Steve Harvey: Travel Mom Emily Kaufman & Family Fun Bucket List


Steve Harvey: Travel Mom – Best Vacations

Steve Harvey is kicking off June 21 2013 episode by talking with Travel Mom Emily Kaufman about the best and most affordable family vacations you can take this year. Kaufman is going to teach Steve’s audience how they can save up money, find cheap hotels and airfare and find the best stuff to do no matter where you go.

Steve Harvey: Travel Mom Emily Kaufman & Family Bucket List for Fun

Steve Harvey June 21 2013 is getting some travel tips from Travel Mom Emily Kaufmann and a mother’s bucket list before her daughters move out of the home.


Does Mom Know Best?

Steve Harvey is ready for some more matchmaking when he helps a mother find her daughter the perfect man. This mom says her daughter is always dating the wrong type of guy and she sick of it. She wants Steve to help her daughter find a nice guy.

Does mom really know best? Or does she just not like her daughter’s boyfriends?

Steve Harvey: Mother’s Bucket List for Her Family

When someone uses the term “bucket list” it is often associated with mortality but one mother used it as a way to spend time with her family. Now no one in her family is dying, but this mother knows her daughters are moving out soon and she wants to do as much as she can with them beforehand.


Steve Harvey talks with this pioneering mother about why she made a living bucket list and why she believes everyone else should do the same. She tells Steve Harvey she has shared some unforgettable memories with her daughters and it is all because of the bucket list.

They even have an adventure they are going to cross off when they stop by Steve Harvey.

Entertain Your Family for Cheap

Steve Harvey is closing out his show by showing everyone one big way to change how you feed and entertain your family at the next get-together. You won’t believe this simple and easy way to make sure everyone gets as much as food as they can eat and has the time of their lives.


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