Steve Harvey: Tips to Stop Being a Pushover & Triathlete’s Drug Abuse


Steve Harvey: Tools to Stops Being a Pushover

Some people are just too nice and Steve Harvey has the advice to help. He is talking with two women who both say they are complete pushovers. They never stand up for themselves not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know how to. They want help so they can learn to stand up for what they want and not get pushed around.

Steve Harvey: Tips to Stop Being a Pushover & Triathlete's Drug Abuse

Steve Harvey June 12 2013 gives some tips to two women who don’t want to be pushovers anymore and hears an inspiring story from a triathlete who beat drugs.
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Steve Harvey has some tips and tricks for standing your ground and he is ready to share them with the audience.

Triathlete Struggles with Drugs and Homelessness

When we think of athletes or celebrities it usually never occurs to us that they go through the same struggles we go through. They still have bills to pay. They still get sick from time to time. They still struggle with the hardships of life.

Steve Harvey is bringing on a triathlete who says he has struggled with substance abuse and homelessness, even while he was competing. He was able to overcome his misfortunes and turn his life around but he knows not everyone has the same luck.


This triathlete is stopping Steve Harvey to tell his story to the world. He wants to show everyone how he overcame the drugs and homelessness and learned to get back to the sport he loves. This inspiring story could be the inspiration you need to hear to make some drastic changes in your life.

Tips for Improving Memory

Do you have a really hard time remembering names? Did you know there are ways to train your brain to better remember names? Steve Harvey has the advice your need to improve your memory so you can finally start putting everyone’s face to a name.


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