Steve Harvey: Tips For Finding Mr Right Online & Why Won’t Men Commit?


Steve Harvey: Waiting For Engagement & Healthy Fast Food

On April 17 2013, Steve Harvey talks to a woman that has been waiting 13 years to get engaged. Steve has advice on what might be going through a man’s mind in this situation. Then, we get tips on navigating the world of online dating. Is there a special formula to use to find the perfect match? Also, Steve reveals the healthiest fast food options. Plus, Steve reviews a restaurant with a secret ingredient.

Steve Harvey: Why Won’t Men Commit

Steve Harvey: Tips For Finding Mr Right Online & Why Won't Men Commit?

On April 17 2013, Steve Harvey talks to a woman that has waited 13 years to get engaged. Also, Steve snacks on dirt from Ne Quittez Pas.


Steve’s first guest has been waiting for 13 to say “I do.” She’s been patient up until recently and now she’s dying to know what’s holding him back. Steve offers her an inside look at the mind of men. What holds men back from committing? What is going through his mind right now? Also, if you are in this situation, Steve has ways to find out if he’s ready for marriage.

Steve Harvey: Amy Webb Online Dating Profiles

Also, Steve is sharing tips on perfecting an online dating profile. Amy Webb, author of Data, a Love Story, thought her online dating profile was fine. She just wasn’t attracting the man that she wanted. She decided to pose as a man on dating websites to figure out what other women’s profiles look like. She learned that the type of man she wanted to attract wanted a specific kind of profile. She was able to alter her profile to catch the man of her dreams.

Steve Harvey: Healthy Fast Food & Dirt Restaurant

On April 17, Steve investigates where you can find the healthiest fast food options. Which drive-thrus have the best salad? Are wraps a smart option instead of Big Macs?


Then, don’t miss a look at this special menu. A restaurant in Tokyo is serving up a nutrient rich soil in all of their dishes. For just $110 you can chow down on Ne Quittez Pas’ surf and literal turf meal. Will Steve be able to stomach this dish?


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