Steve Harvey: Third Wheel Advice, Hot Summer Looks & Moms Vs Kids


Steve Harvey May 16 2013

We all have friends who sometimes don’t have the best concept of boundaries. How do you set them straight without hurting their feelings? Steve Harvey is talking to a couple who can’t seem to find any alone time. What is Steve’s Third Wheel Advice? Also on the show, a stylist previews hot summer looks, and parents get quizzed on how well they know their children.

Steve Harvey: Third Wheel Advice For Best Friend

Steve Harvey: Third Wheel Advice, Hot Summer Looks & Moms Vs Kids

Steve Harvey’s May 16 show features Third Wheel Advice for a couple who wants some alone time away from a best friend.


This couple says the husband’s best friend is a third wheel, and he makes it hard for them to ever spend any one-on-one time alone. Could Steve Harvey have some practical advice that will set them straight?

Tune in May 16 2013 to find out how bad this situation has gotten. You would think the friend could take the hint once they were willing to talk about this problem on national TV, but there is just no getting through to some people.

Steve Harvey: Hot Summer Looks

Summer is almost here, and that means it is time to spice up your wardrobe for the new season. Find out how you can save money on designer Hot Summer Looks with style advice from expert Jacqueline Nerguizian.


She is showing off some of the season’s greatest styles and giving Steve’s audience advice on how to get these great looks for less. That’s on the Thursday, May 16 episode.

Steve Harvey: Who Knows You Best? Moms Vs Kids

This sounds like a version of The Newlywed Game. Instead of couples, parents and children are facing off to see who knows the other best. In this battle of kids against adults, which age group is going to come out on top?

That’s not all. Steve continues a week of wild surprise endings. Will he be popping balloons, doing a cheer with a cheerleading squad, or meeting a tarantula? Tune in for the end of the show to see what the wheel picks for Steve on May 16.


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