Steve Harvey: Thad Mills Home Repair Solutions & Finding the Bad Boys


Steve Harvey: Getting Kids To Move Out & Fixing Household Problems

On March 19 2013, Steve Harvey is talking to a mom that is trying to get her 21-year-old son to move out and start living like a grown up. Steve has a whole list of things parents can do to get their kids to grow up. Thad Mills gives us ways to do basic home fix-its without hiring a contractor. Then, Steve breaks down the complex “bad boy” and gives women a guide to men.

Steve Harvey: How To Handle an Adult Child

Steve Harvey: Thad Mills Home Repair Solutions & Finding the Bad Boys

After Steve’s show with Thad Mills you won’t have to hire a contractor to do your home repairs anymore. Unless you just want a cutie like this around, that is.


Do you have an adult child living at home? Dr John Duffy said there are two rules you need to follow: competence and resilience. You should listen to your kids about what they want to do and get them up and moving. Make them pay rent moves them in a direction. Sitting still just creates depression and laziness.

Dr Duffy and Steve tried to coach Anthony’s mother in ways to get her son out of the house. Anthony said that Steve’s advice was definitely something to listen to. He promised to check out the books Steve recommended. He said only time will tell if he can change completely, but he does plan on making some changes.

Steve Harvey: Thad Mills Home Fix-It Tips

Thad Mills is a contractor and expert at basic home repairs. He recommended that everyone have a crescent wrench, 5-in-1 painter’s tool and 11-in-1 screw driver combination. These items have multiple uses and can be used in just about any basic home fix-it situation.


He recommended setting up a wireless security system to protect your home. You can set it up through your smart phone so you can view your room while you’re away.

Thad also said that cleaning old tubs with Lime Away will get rid of rust and sediment buildup. You can also spray on a glossing spray to restore shine to the tub. To unclog a tub, Thad made a special video to guide you through the steps.

Steve Harvey: How To Figure Out a Bad Boy

Bad boys aren’t hard to spot with Steve’s easy tips. Bad boys move very quickly and spontaneously to catch you off guard. They will make confessions of love early. They usually do not answer direct questions and are secretive. A bad boy doesn’t take responsibility and is disrespectful. They lack discipline and reject authority. A bad boy thrives off imagery and is obsessed with his “swagger.”


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