Steve Harvey: Street Strider Review & Does Rack Home Gym Really Work?


Steve Harvey: Breaking Bad Habits

On March 12 2013, Steve Harvey is helping his guests break bad habits and create new healthy lifestyles. Anita is sick and tired of her husband’s clean freak obsessions. Steve is testing new products that help you lose weight and lets the audience vote on the best bets. Then, he meets a woman that needs help with texting men. Steve caps it all off with weird headlines form around the world.

Steve Harvey: Neat Freak In Need Of Help

Steve Harvey: Street Strider Review & Does Rack Home Gym Really Work?

On March 12 2013, Steve helps a couple that is being driven apart by the husband’s need to clean.


Anita tells Steve that her husband Richard is an out-of-control neat freak. She’s going crazy with his clean habits and it’s starting to push their family and friends away. Steve has a surprise to get Richard out of his neat habits and let loose.

Steve Harvey: Use It Or Lose It

Ever wondered if those miracle weight loss products work? Steve Harvey is going to be your guinea pig and test them out. The audience is going to tell you if you need to “Use It” or “Lose It.”

The Rack: This is a home gym that you can tuck away when not in use. It lets you do workouts like pull ups, curls and sit ups without the bulk of multiple machines.


Trek Desk: For those that like to multi-task, this is a desk that straddles your treadmill. It’s spacious enough that you can work on projects, multiple computers or even set up a small printer.

Street Strider: The Street Strider lets you get the easy motion of an elliptical on the move. You can use it in one place or take it to the streets just like a bike.

Steve Harvey: Cryptic Texting

This woman’s texts are pushing men away. Steve looks at the cryptic text messages and decodes what they are meaning to men. Steve has three mistakes women make when texting their dates.

She says she plans on calling people more and being less flirty in her text messages. She says that for older people you need to not be suggestive and just get to the point. Steve gives her more valuable advice and she takes away a lesson in dating.

Steve Harvey: Ridiculous Headlines

Ever wondered what the copy editor was on when they wrote a headline? Steve has the craziest headlines from around the world.


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