Steve Harvey Straight Talk No Chaser Review & Dating Lab Update


Steve Harvey: Straight Talk No Chaser Special Edition

Have you read Steve Harvey’s book Straight Talk, No Chaser? If not, then this is the episode for you. During his May 28 2013 episode, Steve Harvey is devoting the entire episode to his new book. He is quizzing the audience on the book, he is revealing some of the advice he gives in the book and he even helps one mother find great men for both her girls.

Steve Harvey Straight Talk No Chaser Review & Memorable Guest Updates

Steve Harvey May 28 2013 is quizzing the audience on his book Straight Talk No Chaser and he is getting and update from three single women he helped find love.
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Steve’s Dating Lab for Two Daughters

Steve Harvey is sending one mother into his Dating Lab, where she will have the chance to pick out a few men for her daughters. Steve is also going to be giving her advice on finding the right man and how she can tell if someone is going to be good for daughters.

Do you think Steve Harvey will be able to find these two girls a couple good men? And do they know there mom is on television trying to find them men? I think I would a little annoyed if my mom was trying to set me up on national television.

Steve Harvey Update on Love

Steve Harvey is getting an update from some very memorable guests. He is talking with three single friends who he helped set up with each of their own Mr. Right’s. Well, they are stopping back by the show to update Steve on whether he was able to help them find love or whether everything went downhill after the first date.


Straight Talk Showdown

Two of Steve Harvey’s biggest fans are going head to head in a Straight Talk Showdown to find out which of them knows Harvey’s book better. Only one can be crowned the most knowledgeable but both of them want the bragging rights.


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