Steve Harvey: Stepmonster To Stepmom & Most Expensive Meals In U.S.


Steve Harvey: $5,000 Burger & Heartfelt Thank You’s

On April 18 2013, Steve Harvey talks to a stepmom that doesn’t want to become a stepmonster. She asks Steve’s advice on how she and her husband can see eye to eye. Plus, Steve investigates some of the priciest meals in the country. How much would you pay for a burger? Then, two young people had their lives turned around by a woman and give her a heartfelt “thank you.” Also, don’t miss the funniest newspaper headlines from around the country.

Steve Harvey: Stepmom Advice

Steve Harvey: Stepmonster To Stepmom & Most Expensive Meals In U.S.

On April 18 2013, Steve Harvey is tasting come of the most expensive foods in the world, including a $5,000 cheeseburger.


Steve never shies away from giving relationship advice. On April 18, Steve wants to help a stepmom who is having family troubles. She isn’t seeing eye to eye with her husband. How can she avoid the stepmonster label?

Steve Harvey: Most Expensive Burger In the Country

Have you ever been to one of those gourmet burger joints? Okay, Red Robin, imagine that. Now think if they had a $5,000 burger on the menu. You would laugh and walk away right? On April 18, Steve is taking a bite out of some of the most expensive meals in the country.

Would you actually try a $5,000 burger? I feel like if it was one of those “finish this in one hour” meals, I might give it a go. $5,000 is enough incentive to finish anything.


Steve Harvey: Heartfelt Thank You

Also on this episode, Steve helps two people give a woman a “thank you” after she changed their lives.

When a young woman was caught in the bombing at the Boston Marathon, an army vet named Tyler helped a young woman with her shrapnel wounds. He comforted and showed her his own shrapnel wounds from Afghanistan. Now, the young woman wants to thank Tyler just like these young people are thanking this woman.

If you know anything about Tyler or you are Tyler, please call 617-725-4000. Victoria would really like to thank you.


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