Steve Harvey Show: Tabatha Coffey Advice for Small Business Owners


Steve Harvey Show: Tricks for Empty Nest Syndrome

Most parents don’t want to see their children move out of the house after living there for 18 years. Most parents want to protect their children from the dangers of life but sometimes it is time to let them go so they can find their own path.

While it is difficult to watch your children grow up, Steve Harvey has the empty nest advice you need. He helped a couple suffering from empty nest syndrome learn how they can get past their struggles with their child moving out and get on with their own lives.


Steve Harvey Show: Tabatha Coffey Advice for Small Business Owners

Steve Harvey May 20 2013 is inviting Tabatha Coffey on the show to give out some advice to small business owners and he has tricks for empty nest syndrome. (Helga Esteb /

I think this is one episode of Steve Harvey I need to tell my mom to watch.

Are you the type of parent who doesn’t want the kids moving out? What would do when the kids do move out? Let us know in the comment section below.


Olivia Sharpe Bizarre Beauty Products

Have you ever seen the show Jerseylicious? If not, it is about a group of women in different beauty salons who tend to the hair of guidos and guidettes all around New Jersey. Steve Harvey is inviting one of the women from Jerseylicious, Olivia Sharpe, on the show to share some of the most bizarre beauty products that have women going to extremes.

Some of these products are unbelievable but they are real.

Tabatha Coffey Advice for Small Business Owners

Owning your own business can be very hard to do and sometimes you get so caught up in your own little bubble you can’t even see the mistakes you are making.

Steve Harvey is inviting Tabatha Coffey, from the show Tabatha Takes Over, to give some of her no-nonsense advice to a few small business owners who need her help. While not all of the owners are going to want to hear what she has to say, they are going to hear it anyways because Tabatha knows they need the help.

13-Year-Old CEO

One person who does not need Tabatha’s advice is the 13-year-old CEO Steve Harvey invited on the show. The two talked about his rise to the top, how he learned to be so business savvy at such a young age and his plans for the future.



  1. Cherie Kelly says

    Where can you find/purchase the eyelashes that Olivia Sharpe recommended as a beauty tip??? I absolutely LOVE them!!!

      • June Clark says

        Phone number 7656564199 or 5203004546
        Steve please listen to me, I am really upset that I do not think I have much to live for! My Husband for 27 Years got stomach Cancer! Now He is totally
        in smoking pot has a card o.k. But the doctors safe his life not pot. It has taken over our or you say my life with my husband let alone with my 37 year old son. My son thinks I am a drug addict.
        I have put myself through schooling. I did the best I could at sixteen. My son HATES me . I also helped him through schooling and payed and now he is an engineer for the railroad. His wife hates me, but I do not hate her. Her family
        drives fine cars, but I could not at that time. I got my son a car but his girlfriends parents bought him a better car and when I really lost my son. I text. I call. I really Steve do not know how to get back in touch with my son or know
        how to take life with my husband anymore. Please

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