Steve Harvey: Pinterest Dating, How To Lasso + Triplet Makeovers


Steve Harvey August 16 2013

Online dating has seen huge growth in the past decade, and social media has taken off as well. Why not combine the two with Pinterest dating? That’s exactly what Steve Harvey will do in his August 16 show. Also coming up, triplets get makeovers, Steve learns to lasso, and a pony leaves him an unwanted surprise. Here’s a sneak peek.

Steve Harvey: Pinterest Dating

Steve Harvey: Pinterest Dating, How To Lasso + Triplet Makeovers

Steve Harvey is helping a woman find love in another round of Pinterest Dating.


There are plenty of niche dating sites out there, catering to everything from religious preference to hobbies and interests. But Steve Harvey is trying a creative idea in a new twist on the dating game. This is called Pinterest Dating, and a woman has the chance to choose between three potential dates, based only on what she sees posted to their Pinterest profiles!

If someone were debating asking you out, what do you think your Pinterest page would say to them about you? Tell me in the comments and then watch to see what happens on Steve’s show. Would you ever want to try Pinterest Dating?

Steve Harvey: Triplet Makeovers

Three sisters have grown up doing everything together, because they are triplets. But now, these ladies are ready to get a little independence. They are going to have to find their own unique styles to differentiate themselves from one another, and they are going to need help from Steve Harvey and his team of professional stylists on August 15!


Don’t miss these amazing makeovers, as all three ladies come out looking different for the first time in their whole lives.

Steve Harvey TV: How To Lasso

Finally, Steve is getting a lesson in lassoing from a 10-year-old rodeo star. Do you know how to lasso? I can’t decide if it would be easier or harder than it looks. Tune in to watch how Steve Harvey does at mastering this new skill on August 15.

Just watch your step when you are working around ponies or other large animals, because you never know what surprises they might try to leave behind! Tune in and see Steve’s mishap for yourself on Friday’s show.


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