Steve Harvey: Party Monster Teenager & Spring 2013 Makeup Trend How-To


Steve Harvey: Unruly Teens & Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

On April 22 2013, Steve Harvey hopes to turn a party monster into a proper lady. A mom has come to Steve for his parenting guidance. Then, an expert makeup artist shows us how to get the newest trends in Hollywood. Also, three couples who have been married for varying lengths of time play a not-so newlywed game. Who knows their partner the best?

Steve Harvey: My Fair Daughter

Steve Harvey: Party Monster Teenager & Spring 2013 Makeup Trend How-To

On April 22 2013, Steve Harvey tries to counsel a mother with an unruly teenage daughter. Can she end her partying ways?


If your daughter seems out of control this is an episode to listen to. Steve is helping a mom reign in her unruly daughter. Can he turn this Eliza Doolittle into Audrey Hepburn? This unruly teen doesn’t want to give up her partying ways.

Steve’s advice will most likely include expressing your authority as a parent. Communication is key. If there is something bothering your teen they might be getting the stress out through partying. The key to controlling your child might be showing them the difference between rights and privileges. If they see that having the keys to your car or access to an allowance can be taken away, they may rethink their life choices.

Steve Harvey: Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

Some of the hottest trends for this season’s makeup have come off of the runway. Models flashed red lips in matte and glossy finishes. Eyeliner, either in a smudge or cat eye effect, is a staple. Pair these with big lashes and a highlighter blue eye color and you look like you’re ready for the runway or Rodeo Drive.


Be careful with going overboard. If you do just the right shade you will look fresh and springy. If you choose too bright a blue or apply too much, you’ll end up looking like Effie Trinket. A fresh face looks much better than a clown face.

Steve Harvey: Not-So Newlyweds

Also on this episode, three couples test their knowledge of their partner to win a second honeymoon. These married couples have all been together for varying lengths of time. It will be interesting to see who knows the most about their partner.


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