Steve Harvey Natalie Clarice Dating Laws & American Girl Harvey’s Hero


Steve Harvey: Dating Laws & Being a Responsible Adult

On April 9 2013, Steve helps a daughter who’s feeling like the mother of her own parent. She thinks her mom needs to grow up, but will she listen? A nine-year-old girl with a big love of American Girl dolls is the latest “Harvey’s Hero.” Then, Natalie Clarice, star of Find Me My Man, tries to help a professional matchmaker who is bad at love. All this and more on a new Steve Harvey April 9.

Steve Harvey Natalie Clarice Dating Laws & American Girl Harvey's Hero

What would you do if you saw your mother at a club?


Steve Harvey: How Old Is Too Old?

On this episode, a grown woman is taking care of her mother. Her mother isn’t ailing, but she is aging backwards in her mind. How awkward would it be to go out to a club and see your mother grinding on someone across the room? Sorry for that visual, but that’s what Steve’s guest is struggling with on April 9.

The woman asks Steve what she should do. Her mother refuses to grow up and be responsible. Children shouldn’t be teaching their parents to be responsible, so this could be a tough one.

Steve Harvey: American Girl Doll Harvey’s Hero

Also on April 9, a young girl becomes the latest “Harvey’s Hero.” She has an obsession with American Girl dolls, but really loves to share. See how her playing well with others got her inducted into the Harvey Hall of Heros.


Steve Harvey: Natalie Clarice Find Me My Man

Natalie Clarice is the new host of Oxygen’s Find Me My Man. She has been a dating guru and established a sizable dating advice empire. Her dating laws will come in handy on April 9 when Steve tries to help a professional matchmaker find love.

Natalie says that women are queens and should be treated well. You shouldn’t give out too much personal information on the first three dates and keep it light and fun. She says that men should always pay for the date, no exceptions.

What do you think about Natalie’s rules? Agree, disagree or do you have your own dating laws? Let us know!


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