Steve Harvey: Mr. Perfect, Ian Clague, Finds Mrs. Perfect & The Secret


Steve Harvey: Ian Clague Deemed Mr. Perfect

In a survey of over 9,000 New York women, hedge fund manager Ian Clague was deemed Mr. Perfect. From his personality to his looks to his bank account, women in New York are going ga-ga over this bachelor. But he still has relationship troubles like the rest of us. It seems that even Mr. Perfect has not been able to find those 9,000 women who loved him.

Clague is stopping by Steve Harvey to get some relationship advice. He is looking for Mrs. Perfect and he doesn’t know if she is out there.


Steve Harvey: Mr. Perfect, Ian Clague, Finds Mrs. Perfect & The Secret

Steve Harvey June 13 2013 helps Mr. Perfect, Ian Clague, find his Mrs. Perfect and he goes over the principles of The Secret, a self-help book for success.

Good thing for Clague, this is a problem Steve Harvey solves all the time. Steve sets up a massive date for Mr. Perfect where he will meet 10 potential suitors.

Do you think one of them could be the woman of his dreams?


The funniest thing about Mr. Perfect is that he was once married and now he is divorced. I bet his ex-wife wouldn’t say he is perfect.

Steve Harvey: The Secret Review

After reading The Secret, Steve Harvey knew he had to share the insights from the book with his audience. The self-help book has garnered attention from people all across the globe because of the books simple secrets on life. Simply life a positive life and let the positive life changes start happening to you. It is as simple as that and Steve Harvey is going to explain how you can make that work for you.

Man Cave Makeover for Video Game Loving Man

Steve Harvey is about to help a relationship between one couple by giving the man somewhere to go besides the bedroom when he wants to play video games. While his wife doesn’t mind the video games, she does mind that her husband is always their bedroom. She wants some alone time. So Steve hooks the couple up with a man cave makeover for the husband.

Steve Harvey Portraits Drawn by Elementary School Kids

While visiting an elementary school recently, the kids in the art class wanted to paint pictures of Steve and they turned out looking hilarious. Although they are a little embarrassing, Steve is showing them to the audience so everyone can have a good laugh at these adorable pictures.


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