Steve Harvey: Mr Mom Helping Too Much & Dr Donnica Moore Dating Advice


Steve Harvey: Mr Mom To Mr Man

On March 29 2013, Steve Harvey is talking to a house husband whose wife wants him to be less helpful around the house. Steve presents a new “Harvey’s Hero” who is helping kids get into music. Then, Dr Donnica Moore is an expert on women’s health but she needs help with her dating life.

Steve Harvey: Husband Too Helpful Around the House

Steve Harvey: Mr Mom Helping Too Much & Dr Donnica Moore Dating Advice

On March 29 2013, Steve Harvey talks to a man that is obsessed with working on his home and it’s driving his wife crazy.


A wife comes to Steve to talk about her helpful husband. What’s a dream for most wives is a husband that wants to help around the house. For this woman, it’s become a nightmare. She wants her house back and he’s taking over. In fact, she hasn’t even cooked in her kitchen in eight years because he does everything.

She also tells Steve that it’s grown to more than just her kitchen. Her husband now throws out her clothes if he doesn’t like them. Steve tells him that he needs to be a better husband and work with his wife, not against her.

Steve Harvey: Harvey’s Hero

Steve is talking to his latest “Harvey’s Hero.” A woman from St. Louis helps kids in need with her love of music.


Steve Harvey: Good Guys & Dr Donnica Moore

Dr Donnica Moore has a lot of answers when it comes to women’s health. But when she needs to figure out men, she is in foreign territory. Steve brings a couple of his “Good Guys” by to set up Dr Moore.

In a video from their date, Dr Moore has good conversation with a man named Howard. She and Howard drink wine, gossip and said they have a lot in common. He complimented her intelligence, drive and parenting. Howard said he would love to have a second date and Dr Moore agreed! Another love match for Steve.


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