Steve Harvey: Mother’s Day Gift Guide & Military Mom Surprise


Steve Harvey May 7 2013

Even though the calendar designates a single Sunday as Mother’s Day, Steve Harvey doesn’t think that is enough time to recognize the difference mothers can make in our lives. That’s why he is celebrating Mother’s Day all week long. On the May 7 show, Steve Harvey is sharing a Mother’s Day Gift Guide and surprising moms who deserve recognition. Here’s some of what he has in store for this jam-packed hour.

Steve Harvey: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Steve Harvey: Mother's Day Gift Guide & Military Mom Surprise

The May 7 2013 episode of Steve Harvey features a Mother’s Day Gift Guide and a lot of surprises, including a military mom’s message for her daughter.


If you haven’t started shopping for Mother’s Day, you still have a little time. But if you are shipping something to your mother in another city, it’s time to get that online ordering done so your gift can arrive on time.

On May 7, Steve Harvey is showing off the greatest gift ideas that can fit any budget and give your mother something to smile about for Mother’s Day. Maybe this will give procrastinators some ideas on how to get the perfect gift for mom.

Steve Harvey: Blind Date & Military Mom Surprise

It has been 20 years since one mom was on a date. Find out how Steve is working with her daughters to set her up for a special night out. I wonder how much the dating scene has changed in the last two decades. I guess this woman is about to get her chance to find out.


Also on this May 7 episode, Steve Harvey is reuniting a family with a touching surprise. A military mom is traveling thousands of miles to be with her daughter and deliver a special message in person.

But that’s not all. A mom from the audience is going to be blown away by a surprise she will not see coming! You have to love these audience ambush surprises, and it sounds like Steve is pulling out all the stops for Mother’s Day (or is it Mother’s Week?).



  1. chris wright says

    Hi Steve LOVE YOUR SHOW YOU ARE THE ONLY TALK TYPE SHOW I WATCH I tried to enter your Mothers Day Giveaway but where we live my server goes down all the time so by the time it vame up today it was too late SOB Sob lol I was trying to win the Laptop for my daughter I know it is supposed to be for me for Mothers day But without her I wouldnt be a MOM so….. anyways Thanks for your show absolutely love it!!!


    Watched your show today and as Grandmother in waiting about 5 wks to go. I ATTEMPTED TO PURCHASE A ONE SHOT BABY FORMULA MACHINE FOR MY PRINCESS. HELP ME FIND IT STEVE. Already purchased yummi mitts and puppet to !!! THANKS STEVE

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