Steve Harvey: Mother-Daughter Reunion & Deserving Mom Makeovers


Steve Harvey May 6 2013

The Steve Harvey Show is celebrating moms all week long, beginning on Monday, May 6, 2013. Steve is paying tribute to his own mother. Plus, it’s a Mom Makeover for 10 lucky women from coast to coast who need new looks.

Steve Harvey’s Tribute To His Mother

Steve Harvey: Mother-Daughter Reunion & Deserving Mom Makeovers

Steve Harvey is celebrating Mother’s Day early on May 6 with Deserving Mom Makeovers, a mother-daughter reunion, and an emotional tribute to his own mother.


Steve Harvey is paying tribute to his own mother in an emotional segment on the May 6 episode. In fact, the power of the moment overwhelmed Steve and he actually walked off the stage. Find out what got him so worked up and what he wants everyone in the audience to know about his own mother.

Steve Harvey: Deserving Mom Makeover Results

From across the country, Steve Harvey and his team chose 10 deserving mothers to give them a surprise just in time for Mother’s Day. Hear the touching true stories of these women from all over America and watch as their looks and their lives are transformed with makeovers that will give them a fresh start. That’s coming up on the May 6 Steve Harvey Show.

There’s something remarkable about seeing the makeover process, but I always wonder what happens to people after the makeover. Do they keep up their new looks, or will they end up going back to their old habits? Maybe Steve should do a makeover updates show sometime.


Steve Harvey: Mother-Daughter Reunion

Have you ever had a serious fight with one of your parents? Steve’s guest on Monday’s show said she has not observed Mother’s Day with her mom for a whole decade! What do you think came between them?

On May 6, the daughter is ready to take responsibility and apologize to her mom. Find out how this mother-daughter reunion plays out. Will they find the love to start a new chapter and forgive the past? That’s coming up on Steve Harvey’s May 6 episode.


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