Steve Harvey: Michelle Drake Browning MMA Referee & Mama’s Boy Trouble


Steve Harvey: Will Being a Mama’s Boy Ruin a Relationship?

Did you ever think loving your own mother could start fights between you and spouse? Steve Harvey April 1 2013 is going to try to help one wife who said her husband is a mama’s boy and it is tearing apart their relationship. Steve is going to take a look at their relationship and decide whether or not it is the man being a mama’s boy that is ruining the relationship or whether there are other factors at play.

When do you think a mother should stop spoiling her son? And could it cause some ripples in your relationship?


Steve Harvey: Michelle Drake Browning MMA Referee & Mama's Boy Trouble

Steve Harvey April 1 2013 is talking with female MMA referee Michelle Drake Browning and helping one woman with her mama’s boy husband. (photofriday /

Steve Harvey: Michelle Drake Browning, MMA Referee

Michelle Drake Browning can say something really cool about her job. She is one of only three females that have the title of mixed martial arts referee and she is stopping by to talk with Steve Harvey about her job. She is going to explain how she got the job and what it is like working in one of the most violent sports in America alongside some of the most deadly people in the world. This woman is breaking down barriers in a mostly male sport and she is doing it as a single mom as well.

Steve Harvey’s All New Workout

Steve Harvey has been trying to get fit so he is bringing on the 74-year-old Dr. Jeffrey Life to go over his anti-aging secrets and to give Steve a new workout that will make him feel great and increase his longevity.


Steve Harvey: Funniest Texting Conversations Between Teens and Parents

Teens know how to text correctly. Parents do not know how to text correctly. Steve Harvey is going to be looking at some of the funniest texting conversations between teens and adults. Is there a better way to put a smile on your face than by laughing at some autocorrects? Probably not.


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