Steve Harvey: Meteorologist Rhonda Lee Fired for Facebook Comments


Steve Harvey June 18: Man Confesses Love for Female Friend

Getting a crush on one of your friends that is a girl must be the worst. I am thankful I never experienced anything like that but one man is stopping by Steve Harvey June 18 because he has a woman who is his friend that he has grown to love. He is tired of watching her date all these other men without even knowing a man who truly loves her is standing right next to her.

Steve Harvey: Meteorologist Rhonda Lee Fired for Facebook Comments

Steve Harvey June 18 2013 is talking with meteorologist Rhonda Lee who was fired after posting comments on Facebook and one bald man earns an unusual living.


Steve Harvey is going to help this man build his confidence and go over how he should tell his friend he loves her. But love goes both ways, meaning the only thing it comes down to is whether she feels the same way or not.

How do you think she will react when her friend tells her he loves her?

Rhonda Lee: Meteorologist Fired for Facebook Comments

Rhonda Lee was fired from her position as a meteorologist when she responded to some negative comments about her appearance on Facebook. The company told her they would take care of the comments but when they did not she took matters into her own hands.


Steve Harvey is inviting Lee on the show to speak out about the injustice.

Steve Harvey: Chicago’s Pink Panther Double Dutch Team Perform

The kids of the Pink Panther team are amazing at jump rope and Steve Harvey wanted to show their skills to everyone. So he invited the double dutch team to stop by his show for a mind-boggling performance with some of the craziest jump rope moves you have ever seen.

Bald Man Makes a Living in an Unusual Way

Steve Harvey’s final guest on his June 18 2013 episode is a bald man who is making a living in an unusual way. He is using his head as a billboard and charging companies different amounts of money for placing their logo on his head.



  1. Karen Buchanan says

    What were the motivation quotes, Steve used on June 18,2013
    Regarding life choices and life changing ways to look at $100,000.00
    Glass half full/ empty! My son just had to drop Organic Chemistry and his hopes of Medical school, now trying to change majors and direction in life. he is 20 years old and goes to Centre College in Danville , Ky

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