Steve Harvey: Melissa D’Arabian Soup Recipes & 5 Signs You Can’t Cook


Steve Harvey: Organizational Tips for Pack Rats

It is kind of funny how even a messy house can lead to problems in a relationship and Steve Harvey is talking with one woman who knows firsthand what it is like living with a messy pack rat. This woman is coming to Steve Harvey because she is fed up with her husband being a slob who won’t throw anything away and she needs help teaching him to be better organized.

Steve Harvey: Melissa D'Arabian Soup Recipes & 5 Signs You Can't Cook

Steve Harvey June 17 2013 is bringing on Melissa D’Arabian to share her soup recipes and he is going over the top five signs you can not cook.


On June 17, Steve Harvey is bringing on an organizational expert to share his top tips on decluttering your home and keeping it that way for the of your life.

Melissa D’Arabian Healthy Soup Recipe

Steve Harvey is also inviting chef Melissa D’Arabian on the show to share some of her healthy soup recipes with the audience as well as some other healthy, hearty and easy to make meals.

What kind of meals are you hoping she whips up for the audience?


Steve Harvey’s Ultimate Guide to Flirting

Steve Harvey is a ladies’ man. There is nothing more to it. He knows all the secrets of how to get noticed anywhere he goes by the woman he wants to talk with. He is going to be sharing his secrets of flirtation with the audience and showing them how a few simple changes to your pick up skills could mean the difference between getting a date and going home alone.

His first tip to everyone, remember to be confident in who you are and what you are doing. For the rest of his tips, you are going to need to tune in.

Steve Harvey: Top Five Signs You Can’t Cook

Steve Harvey is closing out his Monday show with a list of the top five signs that you can’t cook. Here’s my list of the top five signs:

  1. Someone asked you to get a pot of steam and you tried.
  2. You cook bacon in the microwave.
  3. You can not get water to boil.
  4. You dog won’t eat the scraps on the floor.
  5. You served Ramen to a woman who came over for a date.


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