Steve Harvey: Melissa D’Arabian $10 Soups & How To Declutter Your Home


Steve Harvey: Expert Tips To Declutter Your Home

On today’s show, Steve Harvey is helping a woman with a pack rat husband. When you just can’t throw anything away, your life could easily get overwhelming. Steve will have help for men and women who want to get a start on spring cleaning. Get ready for organizers, cleaners and thrifting techniques.

One Facebook fan of Harvey’s said that he packs things away to reduce clutter. If you don’t use it in a year, throw it away. It’s a good rule to follow if you have the space to store things. You should eliminate what you can, organize by color and bulkier items, like sweaters, can get hung up.


Steve Harvey: Melissa D’Arabian Ten Dollar Soups

Even though you want to get a start on spring cleaning, Steve Harvey has Food Network star Melissa D’Arabian cooking up hearty soups. Popular for her Ten Dollar DinnersD’Arabian’s soup will not only battle the winter weather but keep your bank account happy.

Steve Harvey: Melissa D'Arabian $10 Soups & How To Declutter Your Home

Melissa D’Arabian has soup recipes you can make for $10.


D’Arabian won season five of The Next Food Network Star. She has a mission to create healthy, creative and tasty meals that will keep you in budget. Each recipe promises it will feed four people for $10. These aren’t just basic meals, she has inspirations from cuisine all over the world.

On today’s show, D’Arabian will cook Orange Carrot soup, Creamy Any Veggie soup, Roasted Tomato Winter Gazpacho and Roasted Garlic and White Bean Chili.

Steve Harvey: How To Flirt

Steve Harvey is a smooth man. If you’ve never seen this man in action, he loves to flirt with any female in his presence for a good chuckle and awkward moment. Harvey is happily married, but he’s going to share his secrets about gaining confidence and body language tricks.

He said the damsel in distress move works for women. Try dropping something subtly to get a man’s attention. He said that men feel their job is fixing stuff for women. Do you think he’s right, or is this a sexist move?

Steve Harvey: Top Five Signs You Can’t Cook

If you look at the recipes from Melissa D’Arabian and say, “There’s no way I can do that,” think again. Unless you fit in Steve Harvey’s top five signs you can’t cook, you might have a shot.


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