Steve Harvey: Martha Stewart Tips for Throwing the Best Summer Party


Steve Harvey: Martha Stewart Throws a Summer Party

Martha Stewart is stopping by Steve Harvey because she is ready to party and she wants to show everyone how it is done. She has all the tips, tricks and secrets to throwing the best summer party any one of your friends will ever go to. From the decorations to the food to the party invitations, Martha Stewart has everything you need to make your summer party perfect.

Steve Harvey: Martha Stewart Tips for Throwing the Best Summer Party

Steve Harvey May 23 2013 invited Martha Stewart on the show to go over her tips for throwing the best summer party and he tests out the best BBQ sauces.
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Martha Stewart Personal Principles for Success

Besides the partying, Martha Stewart is also stopping by to talk about her online dating experience. She has been on all the major daytime talk shows to discuss her love life and everyone on the Today Show even helped her set up an online dating account complete with advice for meeting men.

Martha Stewart is updating Steve Harvey on her hunt for the man of her dreams and she is also sharing her own personal principles for success.

40-Year-Old Woman Goes on Adventurous Dates

Steve Harvey is helping on 40-year-old meet her Mr. Right by sending her on some of the most adventurous dates she has even been on. These crazy dates are sure to bring out her wild side but does Steve Harvey have what it takes to get this woman out of her dating rut and back onto the dating scene?


Steve Harvey Tests Outdoor Equipment

Everyone loves the summertime. The grill gets pulled out the garage, the barbecue sauce gets bought in bulk from the store and the beer coolers are filled with ice.

Steve knows everyone wants to have a good summer and he also knows a faulty grill or a crappy tent can ruin a beautiful summer day so he is testing all the outdoor equipment he can on his May 24 2013 episode. From the tents to the latest camping gear to the best hot sauces and marinades for your BBQ, Steve Harvey has you covered.



  1. Marilyn says

    Thanks for recipes from The Chew, but there was NO INFO re
    Martha Stewart “Throwing A Party” info or recipes from The Steve Harvey Show, only more stuff about her online dating– now old news. Thanks.

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