Steve Harvey: Manny the Bulldog Sleeps in Sink & Budget Summer Parties


Steve Harvey June 10 2013 Recap

On June 10 2013, Steve Harvey is throwing an ultimate summer party. He shows us how to make summer fun on any budget. Also, women talks about their favorite human-interest pieces and kids talk money, jobs and politics. Then, viewers ask Steve “Is that weird” health questions. And a dog that sleeps in the sink gets a moment in the spotlight.

Throwing A Summer Party on Any Budget

Steve Harvey is bringing in party tips from the experts. From tablescaping to making drinks to what to serve, every budget is welcome at this beach bash. Steve and his style experts bring the know how to throw the perfect, unique party on June 10.


Steve Harvey: Manny the Bulldog Sleeps in Sink & Budget Summer Parties

On June 10 2013, Manny the Bulldog stops by with his owner. He loves to dress up in costumes and sleep in the sink.

New School Dress Codes & Controversial Barbie Doll

Also on this episode, an all-women panel sounds off on the topics that tickle, tease and tick them off. Should prom dresses be approved before the dance? What is Barbie doing now to ruin little girls’ lives? And what are the current thoughts on cheating? These women aren’t holding anything back as Steve tackles the topics. 

Is That Weird? Health Questions Answered

Having you ever had a burning question that you are afraid to ask? What about a burning that you are afraid to ask about? Viewers and audience members are taking the censor off of health and intimate issues to ask Steve’s doctor experts what’s up with their bodies. Is it weird that this segment is going to be awesome and educational?


Manny the Bulldog Sleeps in The Sink

Buzzfeed’s latest obsession is Manny the Bulldog. He’s not just a dog, he’s a super pet. Super pets are the likes of Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Corgnelius and all of those puppies, kittens and hedgehogs that you spend hours oohing and ahhing over online.

Manny sleeps in a lot of places, but his favorite place is the sink. He also sleeps in costumes – such as, penguins, monkeys, elephants, and sharks. Aside from being stylish, this little guy is full of attitude. Move over, Steve Harvey. A real star is coming through.


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