Steve Harvey: LD Miller Harmonica Performance & Decode Teenagers Texts


Steve Harvey: LD Miller Performance

Harmonica phnom LD Miller is stopping by for a performance that will leave you staring at the TV with your jaw on the floor. This amazing teenage musician really knows how to make a harmonica sound good.

Surefire Ways to Get What You Want

It can be hard talking with men sometimes. I should know. I am a man. But there are ways to get what you want from a man and most of them are pretty basic. However, when that man is your spouse, none of the easy tricks work for getting what you want.


Steve Harvey: LD Miller Harmonica Performance & Decode Teenagers Texts

Steve Harvey June 6 2013 is watching a performance by harmonica player LD Miller and he has advice for decoding a teenager’s text.

Straight from the pages of Straight Talk, No Chaser, Steve Harvey is giving out the advice all women need to hear to learn how to get their men to “yes.” He is sharing his top three tips for negotiating with a man to get exactly what you want from him.

Harvey’s Hero: 13-Year-Old Saves Two Lives in One Week

The next Harvey’s Hero is one amazing individual. This 13-year-old had the presence of mind to act fast when he saw two different people in trouble during the same week. His ability to keep cool and think under pressure are the sole reason two people are alive today.


This incredible kid is stopping by Steve Harvey to tell him the story of saving two different lives and how he was able to think quick in such a scary time.

Decode Teenage Texts

Have you ever wondered what your teenager is typing into their phone? Or what they said to you over text? Steve Harvey is bringing on an expert to go over his best tips for decoding a teens text. He is also revealing a new smartphone app every parent needs to download.

I’m going to need to tune into this segment. I never know what my girlfriend is trying to tell me over text. And who is this expert? A 15-year-old girl?


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