Steve Harvey Kurt Warner The Moment & Setting Dating Limits With Teens


Steve Harvey: Dating Limits With Teens & Kurt Warner The Moment

On April 11 2013, Steve Harvey is talking to a 16-year-old who is ready to jump into dating. Why is his mom still hovering? Then, Kurt Warner, former NFL Super Bowl quarterback, explains his new reality show, The Moment. Also, Steve gets a steamy edition of “Is It Weird?” His panel discusses the most embarrassing questions about love and the bedroom.

Steve Harvey: Setting Boundaries With Teens

Steve Harvey Kurt Warner The Moment & Setting Dating Limits With Teens

On April 11 2013, Steve Harvey and Kurt Warner discuss The Moment and getting second chances. (Featureflash /


This 16-year-old boy is tired of his mom controlling his life. He wants Steve to help him break away and establish a dating life. He and his mom need to come to equal ground about his dating limits. Steve makes this situation an example for other parents trying to figure out the dating limits with teens.

Steve Harvey: Kurt Warner The Moment

This April USA Network is bringing a new reality show hosted by Kurt Warner. The Moment is about taking people who are down on their luck and giving them a second chance.

The show is also created by Charlie Ebersol, who experienced a tragic plane crash in 2004. His younger brother died in the accident and Charlie has been working on life after a crisis.


Steve Harvey: Is It Weird? Bedroom Edition

This edition of “Is It Weird?” might make you blush. Steve’s audience asks him the strangest, most awkward and most private questions about things that go on in the bedroom. If you’ve ever been to shy to ask a question about love, Steve’s audience will do it for you.

Steve Harvey: Kids On Anesthesia

Also on this episode, Steve brings you funny videos of kids after anesthesia. It all started with David After Dentist. Now families think it’s hilarious to tape their loved one’s antics while high on laughing gas.

My personal favorite is this girl. She doesn’t know where she lives, then she figures out she goes to Hogwarts.


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