Steve Harvey: Joan & Melissa Rivers Matchmaking & Self-Tanning Fixes


Steve Harvey: Joan Rivers Needs a Matchmaker

On April 12 2013, prepare for a Steve Harvey full of crazy mothers and matchmaking. Joan Rivers is asking Steve for help setting up her daughter Melissa. Knowing Joan, there will be a lot of censoring and TMI moments. Then, Steve has fixes for at-home beauty blunders. Does your self tanner make you look like Snooki? We can fix that. Also, a viewer is showing off her dance skills and a grandmother gets a heartwarming “thank you.”

Steve Harvey: Joan & Melissa Rivers Matchmaking & Self-Tanning Fixes

On April 12 2013, Steve Harvey brings in Joan and Melissa Rivers for a discussion on dating and matchmaking. (s_bukley /


Steve Harvey: Joan & Melissa Rivers

The best way I’ve found to describe Joan Rivers is “crazy.” On Joan Knows BestJoan is always doing something ridiculous. From setting a protest at Costco to driving a smelly RV through New England, Joan doesn’t think before she acts. If there is one thing I’ve learned about Joan, she loves free speech. She doesn’t want anyone to censor her jokes, but that’s not always a good thing. Her humor is often lost because the joke gets overly offensive.

Enter her adult daughter, Melissa. Melissa is like her mother’s keeper. Joan runs off and Melissa pulls the leash back. She’s not always successful, but she definitely keeps Joan from destroying the world.

Steve Harvey: Melissa Rivers Dating

On April 12, Joan and Melissa discuss matchmaking. Joan really wants Melissa to meet a nice man and settle down. That’s a little hard to do when you are a single mom, but it’s even harder when your mother lives with you. Steve and Joan band together to find Melissa a date on April 12.


Steve Harvey: At-Home Beauty Mistakes

There are some things you should just leave to the professionals. They say to never cut your own bangs. Some people are really good at it, and some people end up looking like Rooney Mara in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. That’s not cute. In those cases, you really don’t have a lot of options, but Steve is going to try to give you quick fixes.

For hair mess ups, you can get clip-on bangs. That sounds like a weird idea, but they’re actually becoming a trend. This way you don’t have to worry about trims.

For self-tanning mishaps, there is a cheap and easy solution. Say your skin looks streaky. Take a cotton ball and lemon juice to the area. It will lighten the area and bring your skin back to a natural shade.


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