Steve Harvey: Jarod Miller Animal Expert & Horrible Vacation Stories


Steve Harvey: Beach Edition

Steve Harvey: Jarod Miller Animal Expert & Horrible Vacation Stories

On March 18 2013, Steve Harvey learns about kangaroos from animal expert Jarod Miller.

On March 18 2013, Steve Harvey is taking his show to the land of sun and sand. Well, he’s bringing the beach to his studio. To the envy of every person working on a Monday, Steve and his guests will spend the hour hula dancing, planning vacations, sharing travel stories and playing with exotic animals. I think I speak for everyone when I say, not fair!


Steve Harvey: Planning a Family Vacation

A husband tells Steve that he and his wife haven’t taken a vacation together in 20 years. Steve helps convince them that they need a relaxing trip. The family is excited to spend time at the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. They’ll each get to do what they like to do but also spend time bonding together.

Steve Harvey: How To Hula

One of the oldest dances in the world is hula. Steve tries to master the art of swishing your hips. He’s tried a lot of workouts, but this one comes with a live band and plenty of hula girls. He gets to wear a special headpiece, which he puts his own flair on.

The hula requires bent knees and flowing arm movements. While Zumba is a lot of fun, hula looks even more fun.


Steve Harvey: Horrible Family Vacations

A family shares their horrible vacation stories with Steve. It seems like every time they go out together something bad happens. They’ve been stuck on a roller coaster and stranded at sea. Steve surprises the Jinks family with a trip to Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa in Mazatlan, Mexico. They hope that this trip will be better than the rest, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Steve Harvey: Jarod Miller Exotic Animals

Animal expert Jarod Miller is bringing some of his furry friends to visit Steve. Jarod and Jack the kangaroo hang out in the green room before the show. Jack is a pretty big guy, but Jarod says that when he was born he was just the size of your pinky finger. He lived for six months in his mom’s pouch before coming out into the world.


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