Steve Harvey: Jacqui Stafford Wow Factor Fashion & the Chronic Cheater


Steve Harvey: How To Spot a Cheater & Jacqui Stafford Fashions

On April 16 2013, Steve Harvey talks to fashion expert Jacqui Stafford about ways to get a “wow” factor. A few of Steve’s audience members get a well-deserved makeover. Also, an eight-year-old became a millionaire just by using bacon. Then, Steve teaches us how to spot “the chronic cheater.” What are the warning signs you need to watch for?

Steve Harvey: Jacqui Stafford Fashion

Steve Harvey: Jacqui Stafford Wow Factor Fashion & the Chronic Cheater

On April 16 2013, Steve Harvey and Jacqui Stafford teach you how to get a “wow” factor with your fashion.


This episode of Steve Harvey includes a look inside fashion maven Jacqui Stafford’s world. She’s teaching us how to embrace our shape. Whether you are athletic, slender or curvy, Jacqui wants to give you pointers. She is teaching us how to discover the “wow” factor inside of us.

Then, Jacqui takes some of Steve’s deserving guests and gives them mind-blowing makeovers. Tune in for the results and ways to get the look yourself.

Steve Harvey: Bacon Millionaire

Have you ever had an amazing idea that you were sure would make you a millionaire? That’s what happened to Steve’s next guest. At just eight-years-old, this mystery millionaire made a killing off of bacon.


Steve Harvey: The Chronic Cheater

Also on this episode, Steve has tips for spotting chronic cheaters. Steve’s Guide to Guys has been explaining men to women all season. He’s tackling the subject of liars on April 16. There are questions you can ask your partner to spot his lying. What are some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for?

If someone is lying they tend to favor their left side. This could be touching their face or pulling their ear. They don’t make eye contact and tend to have a very fake smile. Yawning is also a sign of deception, said body language expert Jan Hargrave. A truthful person has a tendency to hold their fingers straight with fingers tightly together. A deceptive person will bend their fingers when taking an oath.


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