Steve Harvey: Jacqui Stafford Spring Shoes & Can You Own The Moon?


Steve Harvey: Fun Shoes For Spring & the Effects Of Spoiling Your Kids

On April 24 2013, Steve Harvey has a show full of surprises. First, a son thinks that he is “God’s Gift” to the world. His mother fears that she has spoiled her son and now he can’t deal with the real world. Then, a man says that he owns the moon. Even more shocking, he is selling it off one piece at a time. Also, Jacqui Stafford is showing Steve’s audience how to dress for any body type this spring. Plus, a mom-to-be shares her pregnancy news with her mom in a special way.

Steve Harvey: Jacqui Stafford Spring Shoes & Can You Own the Moon?

On April 24 2013, Steve Harvey finds out if you can own the moon. Then, Jacqui Stafford shows off some of the best spring shoes.


Do You Think You Are “God’s Gift” To Mankind?

It’s usually funny to joke about being “God’s Gift” to humanity, but this case is just sad. When this mom sheltered and spoiled her son, he started to think that he was special. That’s fine, but the problem started when he began to think that the entire world should treat him differently.

Steve plans to set this boy up for a huge reality check on April 24. He’s most likely going to show him how the other half lives and how the world doesn’t revolve around his oversized ego.

Can You Own the Moon?

Also on April 24, a man tells Steve that he owns the moon. Can you do that? The moon controls a lot of essential worldly functions. That’s like saying, “I own the Atlantic ocean!”


This man with the moon plans to sell off portions of the moon. This concerns me, mostly because the moon controls the tides. Without the moon, we could risk the danger of flooding the whole planet. Then it really wouldn’t matter if you owned a piece of the moon or not, because we would all be drowned. There’s your happy bunny thought of the day.

Jacqui Stafford: Fashion For All Sizes

Steve’s favorite style expert, besides himself, is Jacqui Stafford. On April 24, Jacqui is teaching women of of all sizes that the perfect accessory is a fun shoe. This season’s hottest shoes range from tall wedge sandals to fun, bright sneakers. Personal favorite this spring: the boat shoe. Sperry’s have been around forever, but the recent knockoffs have been much more practical and economical on any budget.


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