Steve Harvey: Hungry Girl Dessert Recipes & Decoding Text Messages


Steve Harvey May 15 2013

It’s another new episode of Steve Harvey on May 15 2013. FInd out what happens when two siblings are at each other’s throats. Can Steve help them keep the peace? Plus, Hungry Girl is sharing her best guilt-free desserts with the Steve Harvey audience. Here’s a look at another busy hour for Steve.

Steve Harvey: Keeping The Peace

Steve Harvey: Hungry Girl Dessert Recipes & Decoding Text Messages

Steve Harvey will share advice for decoding text messages from men on his May 15 show.


These two sisters just can’t get along. Why are they constantly battling? Is there anything that Steve can say or do in the interest of keeping the peace? Being a parent seems very challenging, especially from the perspective of a young, single, childless daytime television viewer.

Maybe other families can benefit from the conflict resolution Steve Harvey is serving up on his May 14 episode.

Steve Harvey: Hungry Girl Dessert Recipes

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has made a name for herself with creative cookbooks that help you swap ingredients to save on calories without sacrificing flavor. Now she is visiting Steve Harvey on May 15 to share some ideas that can help you feel great about dessert again. Check out her secret guilt-free dessert recipes coming up on the show.


Steve Harvey: Decoding Text Messages

Sometimes it can be hard to get an idea of what people are saying in text messages. But Steve Harvey is helping women decode some inscrutable text messages from the men in their lives on his May 15 show. Find out what he really means to say with Steve’s handy guide. Here’s something interesting: messages can have different meanings at different ages. See what Steve means, coming up Wednesday.

Steve Harvey Twist Ending

All this week, Steve is spinning the wheel to determine the surprise twist ending of each episode. This time, the grand finale could include ax throwing or maybe a visit from Jerry Springer. Tune in to find out how this show goes out on May 15.


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