Steve Harvey: How To Talk About Money With Your Spouse & Unusual Foods


Steve Harvey May 2 2013

Survey says this is one of the biggest reasons couples can’t make it work. If you guessed money, you got the right answer, and that is exactly what Steve Harvey and his guests will be talking about on his May 2 episode. Do you know how to talk about money?

Steve Harvey: How To Talk About Money With Your Spouse

Steve Harvey: How To Talk About Money With Your Spouse & Unusual Foods

On the May 2 show, Steve Harvey will invite couples to get expert advice on how to talk about money with your spouse. Plus, he will try unusual foods.


Money can be a touchy subject for couples. The way you were raised probably shapes a lot of your perceptions about finances, and it’s rare for two people to see eye to eye on everything.

But if you are sharing a life together, that usually means sharing expenses as well as income. How do you divvy everything up to make sure no one feels cheated? More importantly, how do you start the conversations that lead to healthy finances and healthy relationships?

Steve Harvey has proved that he is a master at bringing people together and bridging relationship gaps. That’s why he’s just the guy to referee when a wife confesses to her husband that she is over $100,000 in debt! How can you talk about money with your partner?


As in most situations, admitting you have a problem is the first step toward finding a solution that works for everyone. Steve will have a financial expert on the show with advice on how to salvage this couple’s situation.

Steve Harvey: Does It Taste Like Chicken?

You may have seen contestants eating weird foods on the gross-out game show Fear Factor. Now Steve is putting himself in the Hot Seat to taste some unusual foods.

But that’s not all. Steve is sharing five signs that you might need to think about losing weight. He is also helping a mom who is on the brink of pushing her teenage son away. What can she do to repair their relationship?

It’s going to be a busy hour on The Steve Harvey Show for May 2. Be sure to tune in and get some great advice!


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