Steve Harvey: Hot Hunks of Built Share Handyman Tricks & Harvey’s Hero


Steve Harvey: Woman Loses Job Over Picture on the Internet

All throughout college, every single professor would beg their students not to put scandalous pictures on the internet because they warned that someday employers would scouring the internet looking for all the information they could find on potential hires and when those saw those photos, they would pass you over for a someone else, even if they were less qualified. It seems my old college professors prophecy has come true for some people.

Steve Harvey: Hot Hunks of Built Share Handyman Tricks & Harvey's Hero

Steve Harvey June 14 2013 invites the hot hunks of Built on the show to go over some handyman tips and a woman tells how she lost her job because a picture.


Steve Harvey invites one woman on the show to tell her story of how one picture on the internet caused her to lose her dream job. While it might be a hard pill to swallow, sometimes social media is not your best friend.

To make sure this never happens to any other fan of Steve Harvey, he is bringing on one expert to go over the best ways to avoid social media traps that could cost you your job. Basically, this expert is going to have some tips about common sense and not putting anything incriminating on the internet.

Style Network’s Hot Hunks of Built

Style Network is sending some of their handymen hunks, from their new show Built, over to the Steve Harvey Show but these guys are not just eye candy. They are some of the best handymen in the world. Besides giving women something to look at, they are also going to share their pro tricks for fixing some of the most common problems around the house.


I think Steve Harvey is kind of jealous of these hunks because even he gets in the mix when they start modeling.

Do you think Steve Harvey has what it takes to be a male model? Maybe the men from Built can give him a few pointers.

Harvey’s Hero: Dallas Food Pantry Founder

The latest Harvey’s Hero is being recognized on the show and this man is one of the best hero’s Steve has had on his show. This Dallas man founded a food pantry for the homeless in the area and he did it all by himself. This is one amazing story everyone will want to hear.


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