Steve Harvey: Homecoming Dream, Coupon Queen & Sports Fanatic Spouse


Steve Harvey: Kayce Comes Back for More Advice

Kayce was on Steve Harvey a while back and Steve gave her some excellent advice about getting over a bad breakup. He coached her through the steps and they really helped her. She was able to pick up the pieces and move on with her life.

Well, it seems Kayce is back on Steve Harvey because she has some more problems she needs help with. She is getting back into the dating game and she wants Steve’s help in finding the man of her dreams.


First Steve Harvey gives her some advice about getting back into the dating scene. Then he sets her up with one of four good guys who are competing to win her heart. The men battle it out in a game and the winner gets to take Kayce on a date.

Steve Harvey: Kayce More Dating Advice & Jessica Jones Coupon Queen

Steve Harvey June 19 2013 invites Kayce back on the show for more dating advice and Jessica Jones, the Coupon Queen, has more money saving tips.

Steve Harvey: Girl’s Homecoming Dream Made True by Friends

Steve Harvey is then inviting a young girl on the show who had some really big homecoming dreams. She is going to tell the story of how her friends and classmates came together to surprise her with her dream homecoming.


This is one heartwarming story you will not want to miss.

Jessica Jones Coupon Queen

Mom turned Queen of the Coupon, Jessica Jones, is back on Steve Harvey with some excellent tips for saving money this summer. From grilling to laying out in the sun to getting the best bang for your buck on all summer activities, Jones has all the advice you will need.

Jones also takes one desperate mother to the grocery store and show her how to get all the foods her family loves at half the price of her usual grocery shopping bill.

Steve Harvey: Signs Your Spouse is a Sports Fanatic

Steve Harvey closes out his show with a segment about how to tell if your spouse is a sports fanatic. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would need any advice to tell if someone I love is a sports fanatic. I could probably just count the number of jerseys they own. If it is over five, they are fanatics.


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