Steve Harvey: Home Luxury Spa Treatments + Secret Boyfriend Revealed


Steve Harvey August 22 2013

You never know what he is going to come up with next? On Thursday, August 22, Steve Harvey is revealing a stunning hidden camera stunt! What will happen when a mom meets her daughter’s secret boyfriend and doesn’t even know it? Plus, Steve is revealing luxury spa treatments you can do at home for a fraction of the price. See what else is coming up on the show.

Steve Harvey: Secret Boyfriend Shocker

Steve Harvey: Home Luxury Spa Treatments + Secret Boyfriend Revealed

A woman’s secret boyfriend will be revealed to her mother in a hidden camera stunt! Plus, Steve Harvey shares luxury spa treatments at home on August 22.


Steve Harvey does not stray into the tabloid sensationalism of relationships gone awry and lovers wronged. His is a feel-good type of show, and in that spirit, I assume this hidden camera segment will have everyone laughing by the end.

A woman has been dating her boyfriend for three years, but he has never met her mother. What happens when she meets him for the first time and does not even know it? See the surprised reactions to a secret boyfriend revealed on Steve Harvey August 22.

Steve Harvey: Luxury Spa Treatments

You can turn your home bathroom into a spa and pamper yourself without going broke. Learn more about luxury home spa treatments from Steve Harvey and his expert guests on the August 22 show.


When you think about it, it makes sense that you can really make your home a place of peace and tranquility with a few simple tweaks. Think about adding candles or aromatherapy. Then consider the benefits of a foot spa and other simple ideas. Before long, you can be kicking back and saving big on expensive spa days.

Steve Harvey: Where Are All The Good Guys?

It’s a question that is almost as old as the dating game itself: where are all the good guys? But maybe if you are asking the question, you need to think about a fresh approach. Tune in for Steve Harvey’s advice on the right way to meet a good man. You might be surprised at what is right in front of you, if you know to look for it. See what I mean on Steve Harvey August 22.



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