Steve Harvey: Home Decor On Any Budget & Girls Night Out


Steve Harvey May 17 2013

Steve Harvey’s Friday show will wrap up the week with more great relationship advice. This time out, Steve is talking to parents with a teenage daughter who is out of control. Plus, how can you turn your favorite activity into a huge business? Hear one woman’s story of success. Then, find out how you can get great home decor on any budget. Here’s what else is coming up on the May 17 2013 episode.

Steve Harvey: Troubled Teen Daughter

Steve Harvey: Home Decor On Any Budget & Girls Night Out

Steve Harvey’s May 17 show will explain how to do magazine-style home decor on any budget.


Usually parents at the end of their ropes turn to someone like Dr Phil to help them regain control of a wild teen. But in this case, Steve Harvey is giving advice to parents who say their daughter needs to be reined in.

Learn how parents everywhere can benefit from the tricks Steve Harvey is teaching this couple on his May 17 2013 show.

Steve Harvey: Girls Night Out Business

Steve Harvey is meeting a woman who took an idea and ran with it. She had so much fun on her Girls Night Out that she turned it into a business that has proven to be remarkably popular.


Find out how she took her hobby and turned it into millions. Her story is coming up on Steve Harvey’s May 17 2013 show.

Steve Harvey: Magazine Style Home Decor On Any Budget

If you want to give your home a fresh look for summer, you are in luck. Steve Harvey will be demonstrating how you can create those luxurious spreads you have seen in magazines, without going broke at fancy stores.

Find out how you can give yourself a magazine style home makeover, no matter what your budget looks like. That’s coming up on Friday’s episode.

Steve Harvey Surprises

Finally, there is a last surprise at the end of the show for Steve himself. Maybe his friend Judge Greg Mathis will be making an appearance. Tune in May 17 to see how this episode, and a week full of surprising endings, winds down.


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