Steve Harvey: Halle Berry The Call Review & Putt Putt Challenge


Steve Harvey: Halle Berry in The Call

Steve Harvey must be taking some time off for Memorial Day because his May 27 2013 episode is one from a previous episode.

Steve is inviting Halle Berry on his show to talk with him about her role in the film The Call. She plays a police dispatcher who has to save the life of a girl kidnapped and stuffed in the trunk of a predator. Little does she know, the man who took the girl was the same man who almost killed Halle Berry’s character years before.


Steve Harvey: Halle Berry The Call Review & Putt Putt Challenge

Steve Harvey May 27 2013 talks with Halle Berry about her role in The Call and he is meeting his newest Harvey’s Heros, boys who save endangered animals.
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Morris Chestnut, Halle Berry and Steve Harvey Putt Putt

Steve Harvey also invited Halle Berry’ co-star from the movie, Morris Chestnut, to play some putt putt. I don’t know if this a regular thing on Steve Harvey (I don’t think it is) or if Halle Berry is a world class putt putt champion, but it seems like a strange thing to do during a daytime talk show interview.

Harvey’s Heros Save Endangered Animals

After a round of putt putt, Steve Harvey is inviting two kids who are making huge difference in the world onto his show to talk about being chosen as Harvey’s Heros. These young kids have been doing their best to save endangered animals all over the world and they want to tell Steve how they do it.


Father Struggles with Daughter Dating

Steve Harvey meets one father who needs some major help. He is scared to let his daughter start dating and it is causing strain in their relationship. Steve Harvey is stepping in to offer this father some advice and to offer his daughter a chance to get out on her own.

911 Call That’s No Emergency

Have you ever heard of a 911 call that wasn’t for an emergency? As unlawful and wasteful as a prank 911 can be, they are pretty funny to listen too. Steve Harvey listens to one 911 call that might not have been a prank call but it was still funny anyways.


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