Steve Harvey: Gym-timidation Problems & Great American Food Fight


Steve Harvey: Gym-timidation & Unique Ties

On April 10 2013, Steve Harvey is helping a couple rediscover why they fell in love. An expert is helping us overcome gym-timidation. Then, Texas goes up against Charlotte, North Carolina in Steve’s Great American Food Fight. Also, Steve tries on some very unique ties.

Steve Harvey: Relighting the Spark In Your Marriage

Steve Harvey: Gym-timidation Problems & Great American Food Fight

On April 10 2013, Steve Harvey conquers the topic of gym-timidation. Are you self-conscious about using the gym?


Steve got a letter from a couple that built a business together. They say that they are so tired of each other that they need a break. Steve wants to help this couple rediscover what made them fall in love.

Steve Harvey: Gym-timidation

You go to the gym and walk through the rows of machines and yoga mats. While you want to feel comfortable there, and you are probably paying a lot of money to walk in the door, something feels off. You pick a treadmill and start to run. Soon enough a gazelle hops on the machine next to you. Keeping up with that person is just not an option.

So you decide you’re warmed up and ready for the weights. You walk to the door and look in. You turn around, grab your car keys and drive far. As far as you can to get away from the weight room gorillas.


I’m sure this isn’t an unfamiliar story. Gym-timidation is an issue that keeps people from working out and getting in shape. Everyone at the gym is a professional or a gazelle and you don’t think you measure up. The first step is to find a gym where you like the atmosphere. Then, realize that everyone is there for the same reason, to feel good and work out.

When I go to the gym, I like to tell myself that no one is looking at me. Repeat that over and over. If they are looking, the jokes on them. I’m getting in shape and they’re falling behind by staring.

Steve Harvey: Great American Food Fight

Also in this episode, the good people of Texas and North Carolina go up against each other for the golden spatula. Who will be Steve’s Great American Food Fighter?


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