Steve Harvey: Gary Newman Relationship Advice & Steve’s Money Booth


Steve Harvey: Three Sisters, Three Mr. Right’s

Sometimes, not being able to find the perfect man is something that runs in the family and Steve Harvey is talking to one family who knows all about it. He is inviting three sisters from New Orleans on the show to discuss why they think they have not been able to find Mr. Right for any of them and how they can change their ways so they can each find their one true love.

Steve Harvey has the advice they need to find Mr. Right. Plus, he is sending all three on a supersized speed dating mission. Hopefully they find Mr. Right while on the show.


Steve Harvey: Gary Newman Relationship Advice & Steve's Money Booth

Steve Harvey June 11 2013 invited Gary Newman to share his advice for healing after divorce and Steve brings out his money booth.

Steve Harvey Samples Mega Meals

American is all about glutton and Steve Harvey knows it. From the biggest pancakes in the world to cuts of meat so large professional eating champions have a hard time swallowing it down, Steve Harvey is checking out some of the biggest dishes in America.

Believe me, some of these dishes are so big, I don’t even think it would possibly to eat all of it in one sitting.


Gary Newman: Heal Yourself After Divorce

Do you ever think you want to get married but then decide it isn’t for you because of your parent’s divorce? A lot of people struggle with relationships because of the relationship they saw their parents having. The bickering, the fighting and the eventually divorce have turned a lot of people off to marriage but according to author Gary Newman, there are ways to get past those insecurities. He is stopping by to share his advice on healing after divorce and learning to love again.

Steve Harvey’s Money Booth

Steve Harvey is bringing back the money booth and his audience is pretty excited. They have the chance to win thousands of dollars and all they have to do is grab some money blowing around in a machine.

Who wouldn’t want to have the chance to be in a enclosed place with money floating around?


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