Steve Harvey: Freaky Talents From A&E’s Freakshow & Dating By Ages


Steve Harvey: Dating Secrets & Freaky Talents

On March 21 2013, Steve Harvey has tips for dating by the ages of men. He also has tips for throwing a spring fling party. Then, the stars of A&E’s Freakshow show off their crazy talents.

Steve Harvey: Dating By Ages

Steve Harvey: Freaky Talents From A&E's Freakshow & Dating By Ages

On March 21 2013, Steve Harvey breaks down dating by different ages.


For men in their 20’s, don’t expect them all to make a big commitment. Steve says women are driven by biological clocks, while men are driven by their financial and success clock. Just look for potential men.

Men in their 30’s are settling into their career and are more apt to make a commitment. At this stage, if they aren’t ready you should walk away. Steve advises that men in their 30’s want to be able to take care of a woman and settle down.

If you’re dating men in their 40’s, Steve says these are the guys that have things figured out. However, if he’s single it’s for a reason. You have to be more creative with finding these men, but they are in their prime and want to protect a woman.


Men in their 50’s want someone to grow old with, Steve says. They want to wine, dine and romance a woman. At this age, a man is thinking about security.

Steve Harvey: Freakshow

The stars of Freakshow brought their talents to Steve’s stage. Let’s keep this simple and say they walked on each other and swallowed swords. Freaky.

Steve Harvey: Spring Party Tips

Spring is in the air, even if you may not feel it yet. Cheer up your party with some fun decor and snacks inspired by spring.

Potted Cupcakes: Put chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting in ceramic pots. It’s decor and dessert! You can top them with fresh flowers.

DIY Candles: For ambiance, crack an egg in half to use as a base for the candle. Just add wax and a stem to create the candle.

Shish Kebabs: Make your fruit, cheese or meat kebabs and then put them in garden pots. Steve had his in baskets with grass peeking up.

Kelly L Moore has a perfect treat you can give your guests to take home from your spring fling party. You just puncture both ends of an egg with a pin. Then, blow the contents of the egg out and rinse the inside of the egg. Pour melted chocolate into the egg with a pastry funnel and your guests can crack them when they get home.


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