Steve Harvey Forever 21 Outfit Under $50 & Nancy Flynn Fights Attacker


Steve Harvey: Height Problems

On February 28 2013, Steve Harvey is helping a man who is vertically challenged. He tells Steve that he’s overlooked by women because of his height . Will Steve be able to help him find love? His Facebook fans are saying that they prefer a taller man. One fan even said, “It’s like dating your younger brother.”

Steve hooked him up with Shawntrel, a girl closer to his height. They went out to dinner and talked about the impending zombie apocalypse. They both said they had a wonderful date and would do it again.


Steve Harvey: Harvey’s Hero 71-Year-Old Grandma

A 71-year-old grandmother made headlines by fighting an attacker. Nancy Flynn was attacked in her driveway. She drives around in her prized golf cart that she dressed up like a 1957 Chevy. A man, around 30-years-old, came up to her and asked for a cigarette.  She said no and he shoved her down on the sidewalk. Nancy was able to beat the living daylights out of the younger man. She threw $83 at him to distract him and then went to get a baseball bat and mace.

Steve Harvey Forever 21 Outfit Under $50 & Nancy Flynn Fights Attacker

An adorable baby can brighten anyone’s day!


Nancy told KSHB news that the other guy was hurting worse that she was. She sustained several scrapes on her face, but is fine.

Steve Harvey: Forever 21 Fashion

Ready for some easy, affordable ways to look and feel good? In Steve’s “Fake It Til You Make It” makeover, he has ways to look great on a budget.

For looks under $50, Steve’s team chose Forever 21. The problem with this store is that the clothes are cheap and cheaply made. You will have to go up at least one size to get into a skirt and blouse and they do not go above a large in their Forever 21 line. The looks put together were office appropriate and budget friendly.

For looks under $150, you can splurge on H&M, Simply Vera by Vera Wang at Kohl’s and Calvin Klein at Bloomingdale’s outlet. These looks were still office appropriate, but they did have a fun edge to them that could transfer to a night look.

For looks under $350, you get the glamourous office experience. Michael Kors shoes, Ann Klein dresses and looks that you could style for a more festive night on the town.

Steve Harvey: Funny Baby YouTube

It’s almost Friday, so your brain might be a little bit fried. Take a minute and laugh with this adorable baby making a splash on YouTube.

What do you think? Should the man be the taller one in a relationship?


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