Steve Harvey: Fly Fisher April Vokey & Parenting Overweight Children


Steve Harvey: Overweight Child Asks for Advice

An 11-year-old boy who is struggling with his weight has turned to Steve Harvey for help and Harvey knows just what to say to help this little boy. He is giving him advice for getting a healthy jumpstart that will put him back on the path to living a healthy lifestyle.

Steve Harvey: Fly Fisher April Vokey & Parenting Overweight Children

Steve Harvey May 23 2012 has advice for parents with overweight children and female fly fisher April Vokey teaches Steve a thing or two about fly fishing.


Harvey knows it is not just the child who is struggling with weight. Overweight children are often the product of an overweight family so Harvey is also giving out some advice to get the whole family back on track for a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, he has advice for parents with overweight children. It be difficult to watch your son or daughter put on weight and know they are not as healthy as they should be but what are you suppose to do? Steve Harvey has the answer.

Steve Harvey is also going to be trying to answer this difficult questions, should kids within the same family be put on different diets?


Female Fly Fisher April Vokey

April Vokey is a female fly fisher who is one of the fiercest competitors in the field and probably the most attractive. She is stopping by show Steve Harvey how to fly fish properly, from tying the line to casting the bait, she has all the tips he is going to need.

Same Town, Same Job, Same Family But They Never Knew

Steve Harvey is reuniting two siblings who grew up in the same town and even worked in the same place but never knew they were related. These two siblings are going to tell their amazing tale but there is even more to it than they know. Steve Harvey has a special surprise for them and they have no idea.

Steve Harvey Annual Neighborhood Awards

Steve Harvey is looking for the best neighborhood in America. He is asking every one of his fans to submit a video about their neighborhood to be entered into the competition. He is urging everyone to enter so he can get to better know his audience and so he can meet some more wonderful people in this country.


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