Steve Harvey & Dr Phil, Date Night Dinners & South Side To Symphony


Steve Harvey May 14 2013

It’s always strange to see talk show hosts making guest appearances on other programs. But if you don’t have deja vu or fever dream symptoms yet from all the special guests during May Sweeps, you have your chance to experience it when Steve Harvey & Dr Phil get together on the May 14 show.

Steve Harvey & Dr Phil

Steve Harvey & Dr Phil, Date Night Dinners & South Side To Symphony

Steve Harvey & Dr Phil are getting together on Steve’s May 14 show, with stories about a time Phil got a black eye. (s_bukley /


Dr Phil can’t go anywhere these days without selling a few copies of his new book, Life Code. (How long do you get to call it new? He’s been selling it for five months now at least.) But Dr Phil is showing a different side of himself on the May 14 Steve Harvey Show. He will even bust a move or two, I hear.

Plus, hear the story of how Dr Phil once got a black eye. That’s not something he is likely to bring up in the course of his own daily show. Tune in to see what else he has to talk about with Steve.

Steve Harvey: Date Night Dinners

Sara Gore is joining Steve on May 14 with recipes for success. Whether you owe someone a great date night or want to throw an impressive dinner for the in-laws, get some ideas that are suited to any special occasion.


Steve Harvey: South Side To The Symphony

Two Chicago brothers will be sharing their amazing story of success. They grew up on the South Side of Chicago and through a twist of fate, they found their way to success in the symphony. Now they want to tell their parents how much they appreciate the opportunities they received, and they need Steve’s help to do it.

Plus, Steve will get another surprise to end the show. It could have to do with ice cream, arm wrestling, or getting all wet. Tune in to find out how Steve closes out his May 14 show.


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