Steve Harvey: Doomed For Divorce, Budget Fine Dining & Tooth Fairy


Steve Harvey May 3 2013

Steve Harvey is dishing out more great relationship advice on a new episode of his show, airing Friday, May 3 2013. Find out whether your relationship is doomed for divorce. Plus, what do kids think about real life? It’s a classic TV trick to see what children will say. Sometimes they are way more honest than adults would ever be.

Steve Harvey: Doomed For Divorce?

Steve Harvey: Doomed For Divorce, Budget Fine Dining & Tooth Fairy

Steve Harvey’s May 3 show has a couple doomed for divorce. Can they save their marriage? Plus, get budget dining tips and kids talk about the Tooth Fairy.


A young couple thinks their relationship is already on the rocks. Are they doomed for divorce? Maybe Steve Harvey can help them find a middle ground that will keep their relationship going strong. What are your suggestions for longevity in a relationship? Share advice by leaving a comment on this post.

What do you think Steve Harvey will say to help this couple examine whether they want to do the work and stay together? See for yourself on Steve’s show this Friday, May 3.

Steve Harvey: Fine Dining On A Budget

Alpana Singh knows how to have a great time on a budget. She is a restaurateur and sommelier who knows all the secrets that restaurants use to save money. How can you apply her advice to everyday life? Find out by watching what she shows Steve in a segment on budget-friendly fine dining at home. That’s coming up on Steve Harvey’s May 3 episode.


Steve Harvey: Female Drag Racer

Recently, 60 Minutes profiled a female jockey who is running in the Kentucky Derby. She is a trailblazer in a traditionally male sport. Now, Steve Harvey is talking about a female drag racer who is also getting attention for breaking into a male-dominated sport. What do you think about women breaking down these barriers in competition?

Steve Harvey: What Kids Say About The Tooth Fairy

Find out what funny and silly things kids are saying to Steve Harvey about relationships, money, and much more. Plus, what do kids want the Tooth Fairy to know, and how much is a good amount for the Tooth Fairy to leave under a pillow?

You’ll find out all the answers on Steve Harvey’s May 3 episode.


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