Steve Harvey: Disney Dreamers Academy & Finding Mr. Right In Your 40’s


Steve Harvey’s Advice For Single Women & Disney Dreamers Academy

On April 19 2013, Steve Harvey gives out dating advice to three single women looking for love. Steve gives them the best questions to ask to cut right to the chase on a date. Then, Steve gets his groove thing shaking with Latin dance craze Zumba. Plus, we get a behind the scenes look at what happened at Steve’s son’s first interview. Also, Steve gives us his usual doses of inspiring stories and some hilarious business signs.

Steve Harvey: Disney Dreamers Academy & Finding Mr. Right In Your 40's

On April 19 2013, Steve Harvey’s son, Wynton, goes behind-the-scenes at the Disney Dreamers Academy. (Jorg Hackemann /


Steve Harvey: Finding Mr. Right In Your 40’s

Three best friends have come to Steve for help. They are in their 40’s and want to date around. The women want to know what the best questions are to get right to the chase. They don’t want to spend a ton of time getting to know someone only to be disappointed with a dealbreaker.

On April 19, Steve gives them the holy grail of dating advice. How to you skip all of the fluff talk and find out if your date has the potential to be “The One?”

Steve Harvey: Zumba Exercise Craze

Steve is trying out a new workout craze on April 19, Zumba. Zumba combines all of the benefits of cardio with fun music and simple dance moves. The point is to forget your problems, smile and get a great cardio blast.


Word to the wise, never lose yourself when Zumba dancing to Ke$ha. This will only result in falling, looking silly and possibly breaking a bone. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty. It’s better to Zumba to Shakira or Beyonce. “Your Love Is My Drug” will only end in pain.

Steve Harvey: Wynton Harvey Disney Dreamers Academy

Also on this episode, Steve sends his cameras with his son, Wynton. Wynton goes behind the scenes of the Disney Dreamers Academy. This is where students can make their dreams come true. The program lets them apply their skills to things they never dreamed possible. The participants work with Disney cast members, celebrities, community leaders, Disney animators and Disney’s top chefs.


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