Steve Harvey: Disgusting Jobs Makeover & Steve Harvey’s Mentoring Camp


Steve Harvey: Dirty Jobs Makeover

How would you feel if you packaged meat or collected roadkill all day? Some of the grossest, dirtiest jobs in America belong to these women. Steve Harvey enlisted the help of Jacqui Stafford and A.J. Johnson from Chicagolicious to give these hardworking ladies a complete makeover.

Steve Harvey: Disgusting Jobs Makeover & Steve Harvey's Mentoring Camp

On March 6 2013, Steve Harvey is giving three women with disgusting jobs a fabulous makeover.


Megan went from wearing a hazmat suit to a pretty in pink BCBG dress. Jan put her construction boots and hard hat away for a fierce BCBG leopard dress and new haircut. Goodbye, meat apron, hello, Brandy! Brandy looked stunning in a violet BCBG dress and accessories from Macy’s. The ladies looked like they had a newfound confidence in their glamourous looks.

Steve Harvey: Myrtice Dating Challenge

Ten years after her last serious relationship, Myrtice has come to Steve to get back in the game. He’s going to give her dating life a new mission. He told her to relax and have a good time when she goes out. She realized that she has to get herself out there and try new things.

Steve Harvey’s Mentoring Camp

Two men from Steve’s mentoring camp in Chicago are on the show to talk about their changed lives.


Steve told the men at his mentoring camp that they are in charge of their destiny. He advised them to step up and be a man and that you will be exactly what you think you are. He had the kids create a head to toe look that would be appropriate for a job interview. The guys were stoked to learn how to tie a tie and create plans for their future.

Steve Harvey: Adult Juice Boxes

Take a trip back to the good ole days of juice boxes and Caprisuns. The nice thing about these new juice boxes is that they are all for adults.


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