Steve Harvey: Decoding Games Men Play & Princess Daddy Dress-Up Party


Steve Harvey: Princess Daddy Dress-Up & Dating Advice

On March 25 2013, Steve Harvey has a family that is feeling disconnected. He brings them back together by crossing off an item on their bucket list. Then, Steve is uncovering the story behind Outback Steakhouse’s “Bloomin’ Onion.” Also, Steve gives three women dating advice about the games men play.

Steve Harvey: Decoding Games Men Play & Princess Daddy Dress-Up Party

On March 25 2013, Steve Harvey gave a workaholic dad tips on connecting with his daughters.


Steve Harvey: Reconnecting As a Family

Steve is helping a dad that feels disconnected from his daughters. He is a workaholic that wants to reconnect with his family. Steve helps him spend an unforgettable day with his daughters.

The workaholic dad and his family got a special dress-up and American Girl day. They got to dress up for tea time and daddy got a princess makeover. They gave him eye shadow, lip gloss and a manicure to match his feather boa and tiara.

While Steve helped this family accomplish an item on their bucket list, he wants to help other families do the same. You can submit your information here and Steve could help your family reconnect in a cool way.


Steve Harvey: Games Men Play

Also in this episode, three women ask Steve for help decoding the games men play. He hopes to help them by giving them questions that will get real answers.

From his New York Times bestseller, Straight Talk, No Chaser, Steve told the women there are three levels to questions. Level one gets an answer that makes the guy look good. Level two gets the answer he thinks you want to hear. Level three is the truth. You can get to level three by asking the same question three times, just rephrased. Steve also thinks you should ask about his short and long-term goals, relationship with family, what he thinks of you and how he feels about you.

The women came together after the show to thank Steve. They learned that men aren’t like women and it’s a two-way street in a relationship. They learned to set boundaries and get to the third level of questioning.


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