Steve Harvey: Deborah Tillman Supernanny Tips & Analyzing Men’s Dreams


Steve Harvey: Supernanny & Pregnancy Style

On April 3 2013, Steve Harvey has a show for moms. America’s Supernanny Deborah Tillman can fix situations from picky eaters to out of this world tantrums. Then, a male model with cancer shares his inspiring story. Moms-to-be will get a fashion show of what to wear for every trimester. Also, what’s going on in your man’s head while he’s dreaming?

Steve Harvey: Dream Analyst Lauri Loewenberg

Steve Harvey: Deborah Tillman Supernanny Tips & Analyzing Men's Dreams

On April 3 2013, Steve Harvey talks to a dream analyst about what men’s dreams can mean.


Who knew there are meanings behind strange dreams? Steve brings in dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg on April 3 to decode a man’s weird dreams.

If you’re dreaming about being naked in public this stems from feeling vulnerable. These dreams pop up around the time that in-laws visit or you’re giving big presentations at work.

When a man dreams about his ex it’s usually his first love. She tends to pop up when he’s stuck in routine or he’s not getting enough love. She represents excitement, desire and passion. She is a subtle reminder to bring the passion back into your love life.


The strangest dream that Lauri decodes is waiting in the line for the bathroom. Men, you really dream about this? This dream usually ends in finding the toilet disgusting or exposed to the world. It means that you need to get rid of something in your life. Whether it’s your horrible job or a toxic friend, you fear that this will not end well so you hold it in.

Steve Harvey: America’s Supernanny Deborah Tillman

Deborah Tillman helps parents find out ways to solve their fights with kids. She tells a mom on April 3 that you need to train your kids early. The mom says she doesn’t want people to think she is abusive to her kids and has a hard time saying no. Deborah says that you have to worry about your child and no one else.

She recommends putting your family rules in a visual place. Deborah sees parents that have rules but the kids don’t see them and don’t know them. She suggests setting up a “calm down corner.” This is just a space in your home where your child goes when they don’t behave. It’s not like time-out because you stand there with the child while they calm down.

Deborah emphasizes control as a child and not as an adult. Her guidelines teach rules and boundaries early so that kids don’t go down a bad path later in life.

Steve Harvey: David Gandell Cancer Survivor

Also on April 3, two-time cancer survivor David Gandell has advice for helping sick relatives. She suggests bringing joy and keeping the sick person’s spirits up. They are already feeling down so it will help to get their minds away from the situation. David said to bring positivity and strength to your sick friends and family members.


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